Broadway Comedy Musical: The School of Rock

The School of Rock Broadway show is based on the 2003 film. It was directed by Richard Linklater and produced by Schott Rudin. The screenplay has been done by Mile White. The film stars Jack Black, Mike White, Sarah Silverman and Joan Cusack. The film was a massive hit and it paved the way for the Broadway show, in December 2015. The film has been inspired by the Langley Schools Music Project.

The Broadway

It was on April 5, 2013, that the rights were bought for the School of Rock stage musical. Its premiere was held at the Winter Garden Theatre in 2015. The book of this music is created by Julian Fellowes. The director is Laurence Connor. The choreography has been offered by JoAnn M. Hunter. The set costume and lighting have been done by Anna Loiuzos and Natasha Katz respectively. The broadway features original music that is composed by Lloyd Webber, the lyrics by Glenn Slater and Mick Potter has offered the sound design. It has performed over 1,309 times and grossed over 160 million dollars before it was closed. It was Lloyd Webbers first ever show on broadway.

The Plot

The Plot

Guitarist Dewey Finn faces debts and depression after being kicked out of his rock back. He shared an apartment with an old band member but is now a teacher. Dewey takes up teaching as his job at a private elementary school. When he comes across all the talents inside that school, he decides to form a band and participate in a competition to win a grand prize of $10,000. If this competition is won, it would solve all of his problems, including debt and earn him respect in the music industry.

It is a heartwarming story of how the protagonist builds himself back together with the support of his students. The will to keep winning and rising is contagious and it leaves the audience inspired too. Dewey does everything right to earn his spotlight back, though he half-heartedly starts teaching at the school.

Finn faces

In conclusion

This show promises a good time, just like the movie. It is the highest-grossing music-themed comedy movie ever. Critiques have been amazed by this long-standing show and highly recommend every to watch it. The acting is well-done and their emotions are conveyed well. The original score is groovy and you would be pumped up the achieve greatness at the end of the movie. It is definitely a must-watch.