Odd Couple’s Original Performance

The Odd Couple is the story of two very unlikely middle-aged roommates: a neat freak and a confirmed slob. Since the Odd Couple’s original performance in 1965, audiences are still in love with this crazy comedy. It has been a play, a movie, a TV show, and has had countless revivals and won countless awards, including the Tony. Updated in 2005 for another turn on Broadway, we are proud to open our 2009 season with this hilarious show. Our own David DiSavino and Gerry Konjura will be playing the leads! Get your reservations now for Rainbow’s newest version of Neil Simon’s Felix and Oscar, the New Odd Couple.

There Goes The Bride
May 5 – Aug 1, 2009
Join us for the wedding of the year! As a socially prominent family prepares to wed their daughter to the son of an equally upper-crust set of in-laws to be, what’s the worst that could happen? You can’t even imagine! After an unexpected whack on the head, the father of the bride begins seeing a 1920’s flapper, unfortunately no one else can! This makes the new in-laws very nervous and when the bride lets slip that she is already acquainted with the birds and the bees, the wedding is almost called off. Just when you think it’s on, it gets called off again and again, each time for reasons zanier than the last. RSVP with your reservation for one of the funniest shows in years.

Uncle Chick’s Last Wish
Aug 11 – Oct 31, 2009
Uncle Chick was the uncle everyone loved: the practical joker and the happy-go-lucky life of every party. Even when he passed on, he wanted the last laugh. So the nicest man in the world’s last request was to have his ashes scattered on his favorite beach. His sweet wife, her niece and the niece’s daughter face this very humorous dilemma posed by Uncle Chick’s last wish when they find out Uncle Chick’s favorite beach was a nude beach! And the only way they can get on the beach is to, well, you know. This fall Rainbow presents the world premiere of this fresh new comedy–don’t miss it!

Peace, Love & My Mother-in-Law
Nov 10 – Dec 29, 2009
This winner of Rainbow Dinner Theatre’s Christmas playwriting competition from the year 2000 will be revived this winter due to popular demand. When a couple of newlyweds invite the family over for their first Christmas dinner, it should be a joyous occasion. And it will be, if the newly married wife can get her husband and her mom to promise not to kill each other! Don’t worry, despite the very funny bumps along the way, this family will find enough Christmas spirit to carry them through to the new year, and so will our audiences. Reserve early–Christmas tickets always go way too fast and the season will be here before you can say “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!”