Broadway Comedy Musicals: Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is a musical that was released in 2007. It has music and lyrics by Laurence O’ Keefe and Nell Benjamin. It is based on the book by Heather Hach. In April 2007, the show went to the Broadway direction. The show was directed and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell. Some of the original star cast was kept in the Broadway as well.

The Plot

Elle Wood is a lucky girl, who is loved by everybody. She is a fashionable sorority queen and the President of her sorority. She is also a Hawaiian Tropic girl, earned a place as Miss June on her campus calendar and above all, she is a blonde. All the cutest and the most handsome boys on her campus are head over heels for her and she dates many. Her goal in life is to become Mrs Warner Huntington III, that is all. But Warner does not propose to her. According to him, Elle is just too blonde for him. Warner’s family is cold towards her too.

The Plot

When Warner is all set to go join Harvard Law and study with his ex, Elle is triggered. She uses all the resources to has to get into Harvard, only to win his love and eventually marry him. But soon she realizes that Harvard is not what she imagined it all. There were many battles she had to wage for herself and prove herself that she was worthy of a seat there, at every step in the way.

The Broadway

The set design was done by David Rockwell and the direction and the choreography by Jerry Mitchel, sound design by Acme sound partners and costume design by Greg Barnes. The cast included Laura Bell Bundy, as Elle Woods. The show was nominated for seven Tony Awards, including the best leading actress and the best original score. But they did not win any, unfortunately.

Legally Blonde was also produced internationally in the Philippines, Netherlands, Dominican Republic and even Germany. It was adapted in French too and was presented at Le Palace, in Paris. But it was a failure as there were not many spectators.

The Broadway

In conclusion

The show, Legally Blonde, has an upbeat and positive persona about it. The lead dances and sings beautifully and effortlessly. All the struggles by her are portrayed well. Though she is silly, she is endearing and would give everyone a chuckle. Critiques have given it mostly positive reviews and have written that they have enjoyed it thoroughly from the beginning to the end. For many, it is a favorite Broadway story.

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