Best Broadway Plays and Musicals You Can Watch on Stage

Broadway plays are an experience by themselves. To watch the adaptations of our favourite stories is exciting. Here are the best Broadway musicals from all around the world that are unskippable.

42nd Street

This one is a tale based in the 1980s of the people who wish to become movie stars. The theatre becomes happy when the songs start to play one after the other. The whole set is an extravaganza. The choreography has been done by Randy Skinner and the synchronized dances are a true party.

The King and I

The King and I

This story is a romantic drama set in 1951 about the culture clash between an English governess and the King of Siam. It has been directed by Bartlett Sher and the production is opulent and grandiose. The performance in this show has even fetched the female protagonist a Tony award. The moment you should look forward to is the song “Shall we dance”.

Elaine Stritch at Liberty

It is a show written by John Lahr. The protagonist is a grump old lady whose age is catching up with her. She is ready to fight for her place in showbiz and is ready to perform strip shows even at her age. Stritch’s role has been performed masterfully.



This one stars Hugh jackman as the leading man and the show is based in Australia. It has been the starting point of his career. These would be the many more musicals that he would be performing in his career. Watch this show to be mesmerized by his charisma. Jackman is the only reason to watch this show.

She loves me

The musical team of the Fiddle on the roof is behind this beautiful that that is set in 1963. It has been inspired by films like The Shop Around the Corner and You have Got Mail. Laura Benati and Zachary Levi are the leads in the movie. They work at the same office but are not aware that they are pen-pal lovers. This show is worth a watch.



The legendary Bob Fosse brings to you this delightful show and displayed showbiz in all of its glory. Wait for the Opening Number, Magic to do, and there is an eerie arrangement of many glowing hands. The whole etches in the memory of the attendee,

Into the Woods

This show by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine bring together all the childhood favourite stories into one. There is a special emphasis on conveying the moral of the story post every session.

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